Ms. Walther

Welcome to B2!

     "Education is learning what you didn't
even know you didn't know."
- Daniel J. Boorstin

Click on the video above to get a sneak peek into our classroom!

What's Happening In 2nd Grade:
Each 2nd grader has access to online components of our Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading programs. Visit the Websites and Apps page on this website for links to each. Your child should know their login (it was also sent home October 9th).

Meanwhile in B2...
We've been working very hard to build our reading stamina and the students are doing a great job of being active readers! Everyone has also been hard at work during our Writer's Workshop. A "Ms. Walther iMovie original" is in the works to show off all the components of our school day--stay tuned!

ReadingYour child can pretend to be the teacher at home and perform their own read-alouds! Having them “read like a teacher” (or “actor” if education isn’t their calling) will encourage them to read more fluently and with more expression. Be sure to talk and ask questions about the reading at home.

Math:  Have you been practicing your addition and subtraction facts?! This is an important 2nd grade skill--knowing our 
addition and subtraction facts fluently is essential as we learn in 2nd grade!