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Click on the picture and enjoy our class video from last year.  We will add a few more for this year!!

     Here you will find useful tidbits to help guide your little one through third grade.

Dear Parents and Third Graders,

The students in B3 are on a roll...
The kids are reading and logging their steps like mad!  Thank you for continuing to sign each night.  For those parents who have been checking their child's Power Words... a super big Thank You!

The Poetry Presentations were outstanding.  The children were confident and well prepared.  I think we will hold off until after the PSSAs for the next Featured Speaker!

Speaking of the PSSAs...

The children are doing a super job preparing.  I have done my best to assure them that they will shine and there is no need to fret!  They are such an awesome bunch and they all want to do their best!  It may seem like I am amping up the math home-work a bit for the next 5 weeks or so.  The PSSA test covers the math for the entire year so I just like to make sure that I have them up to date on as many skills as possible.  Checking over their homework and clarifying any rough patches will help them immensely.  

And now on to math!

Bravo to all of those kiddo's who mastered their times tables on the classroom chart.  Keep up the great work.  

By the middle of April the children will also need to complete a multiplication "holy card" within 5 minutes.  (Ask your third grader, they can explain.)  The third grade teachers have planned a very special luncheon for those students who have mastered both the chart and the Holy Card.  

This luncheon is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th so keep working on those math facts.  Food will be provided by everyone's favorite eatery..... The Croydon Cafe!!!  (If you have not yet had the pleasure, the Tuna Melt is to die for....)

Thank you,

Mrs. White